Saturday, August 18, 2018

Many More

Some days you just need time with friends.  Our friend Jamie celebrated his 69th birthday today.
He and his wife Kaye invited us to their house for dinner.  Jamie is an incredible cook and yes he cooked his own birthday dinner.  We saw several old friends tonight and made some new ones. It was an evening full of laughter, good food and conversation.  It was the type of evening that I love.

This week has been a bit stressful, dealing with all the pre-surgery stuff that Rick is going through.
At one point this afternoon, life was beginning to get a little overwhelming and I thought maybe we just need to call Kaye and Jamie and promise to see them soon.  But I took a deep breath and thought no, we need this.  I am so glad I listened to my inner voice.

Some times we have to turn off the voice in the head and listen to the one in our heart and soul.
Sitting by the pool, feeling the breeze blow across my face, hearing the laughter of friends was healing and comforting.  I knew they had our back and if I needed them in any way this week, they were a phone call away.

Life is short, no matter how many years we make it.  Nights like tonight are reminders of what is good and that kindness is still with us.  Everyone there tonight was seasoned, living  to middle age and beyond leaves you with a few scars.  But age also serves to remind us to be grateful for who and what we have now.  Tonight I am so grateful for those few hours of laughter and food.  We remembered those who are no longer with us but celebrated those who are.  As I so often say in class, life is good.

Happy Birthday Jamie!  I wish you many more.


  1. Good friends make life even better. Where would we be with out them. Life is too short to be anything but happy!

  2. Good food and pleasant company is the best way to spend an evening.