Thursday, May 3, 2018


The yellow jasmine at the front of the arbor that leads to our front door bloomed in early spring.
This morning the jasmine I love most sent her soft fragrance to my nose as I opened the front door. Surprise, a really good surprise.
We played a gig tonight at a place we have never played before, The Shack in Somerville, about an hour north of here.  As we were setting up the sound system I saw a man walk through the door grinning.  It was our long lost friend Mitch who drove down from Huntsville .  What a nice surprise. Two surprises in one day.  I must be living right.
Playing music and old friends, along with new friends, life is good...and the smell of jasmine floats through the air.


  1. What wonderful surprises...who could want for anything more...

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    1. Glad you had a good gig at The Shack. Mr. G is from Somerville.We've never been to the Shack, though.
      I envy you your Carolina jessamine. We had a beautiful vine on our fence until the neighbor's yard workers went crazy using Roundup to kill the grass at the edge of the fence in their yard. Trouble was they killed off everything growing along our side of the fence, too, including the beautiful jessamine :-( (Tried to edit spelling, ended up copying, deleting, correcting, and pasting back).