Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday, Memorial Day

I went to work today.  Holidays mean a skeletal staff and unless we really have something going on, I don't mind teaching.  I had great classes today.  Mostly new students, eager to learn and still a little uncomfortable with their schedules and being away from family.

Alberto has brought us tropical rain bands today.  Tropical weather is different.  One minute the sun is shinning and the next there is a deluge.  It rained most of last night and today.  More to come tonight and then tomorrow is supposed to be monsoonal.  Everything is green and lush, but much  more will bring flooding.

Tomorrow I get a haircut and maybe go blonder, we shall see.  It is warm, I feel a little sassy so watch out.

Remembering all those who have given their lives tonight in service to this country.  I hope you have read Rick's story about the Purple Heart.  Many in my family have served, but none that I know of died.  I can't imagine the heartbreak and anguish those families feel.  I am grateful.

Tuesday is the first day of work for many, be kind, spread joy.  If you are in the path of Alberto, stay dry, be safe.


  1. Happy Belated Memorial day. I hope that the monsoon rain will be gone quickly.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. It seems strange to work on a holiday, but I do know that many do and as I went shopping yesterday I was very appreciative of their service. I'm sure those in your class were very appreciative you you too. Try to stay dry. Our rain moves in here tomorrow and will stay around for a few days too.

  3. We had sun but also hot here. I know what it's like to have to work holidays and although it's not fun, those who need those services are grateful. Sounds like a wet week for you so stay safe and hopefully the sun will appear soon!

  4. I like the fact that you offered a healthy diversion with your class. Holidays are tough for people who don't have choices.

  5. Is Memorial Day a public holiday for you or a normal working day,just wondering