Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Work Day

Jordan was exhausted this morning when he arrived.  He is getting ready for up-coming swim meets and his practices have been brutal.  His coach has him training with the high school team ( most are 17 and 18 years old) he is 10.  His mom told me this evening that  he swam as fast as the 18 year olds yesterday.  He never takes naps, he took a two hour nap at noon.  He has eaten non-stop today and is still thin as a rail.

He helped us pick blueberries and get the deck summer ready.  We cleaned all the furniture, and the potted plants and herbs were placed in decorative spots.  I think he, Rick and I will sleep well tonight.

Jordan loves to cook and we did not cook much today.  Tomorrow he is coming over and we are making an Oreo cheesecake, maybe even a blueberry poundcake.

Looks as if the monsoons are headed our way.  We need rain, just not floods.  But, we don't get to pick the weather do we?

Enjoy your Saturday.  Be kind, spread joy.

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  1. Good for Jordan, he'll probably will be a champion swimmer some day.
    It's been soggy here too . The ground was already soggy from the flood. We need some sun to dry things up but I suppose that the rain will wash off the mud from the flood.
    Hugs, Julia