Friday, May 11, 2018

Fun Day

The only way today would have been better, if Samantha had been home with us.  Jordan spent the day with us.  Waffles for breakfast, spagetti for lunch and home made popsicles in between and handfuls of fresh picked blueberries, loved every minute of it.

He helped us plant our garden.  He helped me work my flower beds.  He made his mom and nana mother's day presents, lavender bath salts.  He helped me arrange silk flowers for our decoration this weekend.  We are all tired.  When his pop came to get him, I think he was happy to go.  He needed a break.

It was warmer than average here.  Usually our temps are in the low 80's, today we saw/felt the 90's.
I hope this is not a harbinger of what's to come when summer does make her arrival.

My cup of tea awaits, my bed awaits...I am so ready.  I hope your Friday was as good as mine.

1 comment:

  1. It does sound like a wonderful day but a packed one for sure. Not so warm here, We're in the 50's.