Saturday, May 26, 2018

First Gardenias of the Season

We have many gardenia bushes on our property.  I love everything about them, the deep verdant color of their leaves, the pure white of their blossoms and then there is that exquisite fragrance.  Most springs they bloom by Mother's Day, but this year they didn't.  Every day I walked the dogs, I checked the bud growth, waiting for that first treat.  This morning I spied the first white blossom surrounded by the richness of the green foliage.  I looked and saw two more flowers and all three came into the house with me. 

Gardenias and jasmine have created an cloud of intoxicating sweetness around our house, I am happy.

I have planted a few more flowers today, cleaned in the house  and enjoyed my day. I hope your day has been as enjoyable as mine.

Wishing a Sunday of peace to everyone.


  1. How lucky that you can grow Gardenias outdoors.
    An acquaintance started a Gardenia plant in her home from a corsage. She rooted it and it became a large flowering house plant. I do love the fragrance.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I got a gardenia plant for my retirement several years ago and I so enjoyed it. Sadly our weather is too harsh for them to grow outside through the winter and it didn't last. It must smell absolute wonderful there at your house. It is going to be a very peaceful Sunday here. Hope your day is a great one too.