Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mamie's Gift

PT is kicking my rear.  I went to work today after the session, just like last week and just like last week, I came home from work wiped out.  The session today simulated an episode almost to the point of becoming ill.  But, I am getting better, even Rick says he is seeing a difference  since the shots and PT sessions.   I breathe and remind myself to be here now, this too shall pass.

Rain is all around us tonight, I hope it finds us.  When we planted more tomatoes yesterday, even six inches below the surface the earth was dry.  The veggies are at a critical point, moisture is needed, not too much, or too little.  The blueberries are glorious.  This weekend I will make blueberry lemon bread, yummy.

My plant tonight came from my grandmother Mamie's flower garden.  I remember as a child walking through her flower garden and this plant was bigger than me.  It is much smaller now, it has been transplanted from her yard to my parent's yard and now to mine.  I hope this will be its home for a very long time.

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  1. Your flowers are all the more precious with memories of your loved ones. How beautiful to have them all around you. It's good you are seeing improvements even though it's so very hard. They do say nothing comes easy that is worth having.