Saturday, May 19, 2018

50 Years and More

We attended our great-nephew's wedding today.  It was a couple of hours away so it has been a long day.  But it was so much fun.  I have never seen a couple look at each other with as much joy and love on their faces as Davin and Emily did.  It was a sweet ceremony and a really fun reception.
My sister Pat and niece Jayna went with us and all the way home we talked about how much fun it had been.

For about 15 years Rick and I did wedding photography and we have been to way more than our share of weddings, plus playing and singing at weddings.  Most were joyous, but stressful and some were downright scary.  We have been to elaborate expensive weddings and simple ones and heard many different vows and ceremonies.  This one tonight really focused on love, the love for each other, family and God.   It was a religious ceremony, but not one of pomp and circumstance, simply the importance of love.

Our own wedding was probably the cheapest one ever.  The cost for the certificate, minister, the $1.50 bottle of wine and 25 cent twinkie added up to maybe $25.  But our marriage started with love and somehow even through the roughest of times, we knew that love was always there.  I think grit has held us together as well, toughness works when life is hard.  And then there is the fact that he is a Capricorn and I am Aries, a goat and a ram, how much more stubborn can you get?

Tonight, I wished Davin and Emily a marriage as good as ours has been, not always easy, but good.
I think they have the love and the grit that it takes.  I hope they are together for 50 years or more.
I hope Rick and I are too.


  1. Love is a gift that sees us through the good and the bad. Weddings are wonderful! It doesn't take a lot of money when it comes to happiness. What it really takes is lots and lots of love.

  2. As long as the bride and groom are happy, in love and want to get married, it doesn't matter how much or little the wedding costs. My wedding was way back in 1984

  3. We attended a wedding this weekend also and it was done very nice and inexpensive...but you could see the love of the couple and that's the only thing that matters.

  4. Love is the cement of a marriage, as there are always the good and bad times. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this week and believe strongly that love has kept us together (as the song goes!). I hope your great nephew and his wife have a long and happy life together.