Sunday, May 27, 2018

Smiling Faces

Today my brother and all of his family, and my sister and all of her family and our friend Fred came over for a cook-out.  The house was packed, and loud, but everyone had a good time and left with full tummies.  My sister told me tonight that her three youngest grands truly love coming to our house.
They all picked blueberries today and for a couple of them it was their very first time to eat blueberries.

Today was fun, but I am about as tired as I can be.  Tomorrow I work but I rest tonight.  Here are some of the kids, six didn't make it in this picture, they were busy doing something else. Don't you love all the smiles?


  1. It is wonderful to have a whole passel of relatives about.

  2. What wonderful smiling faces ! It may be work but family get togethers are worth it.

  3. What a great thing you are doing by having the family and friends come to your home for a cookout... It's a great gathering place.
    Hugs, Julia