Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1

April 1...March went out like a lion, April came in cool and rainy

April 1...April Fool's Day

April 1...more birthdays this month including Samantha, Jordan's mom, my niece Tara, my friend Kaye and my late nephew Michael's.

April 1...trees are greening, everything is blooming, it sure looks like spring

April 1...moving into the second quarter of 2016

April 1...sometimes April storms are the worst here in the south

April 1...time to plant a garden

April 1...middle of the month last frost, then time to plant the flowers

April 1...time to pack up winter clothes, and get out those white jeans

April 1....I might need to buy some sandals

April it true those showers bring May flowers?


  1. Quite a list! Some of it is almost my own. Did you have any flooding?

  2. It seemed just a little while ago we were opening Christmas gifts and we are already in April.
    What can I say?
    We are on flood watch for the weekend as more rain is coming. April bring showers this year. I wonder what May will be like.
    I hope that you have a lovely weekend Jilda.

  3. Though April showers may come your way
    They bring the flowers that bloom in May
    So keep on looking for that bluebird
    And Listening for his song
    Whenever April showers come along.
    Sorry. I couldn't resist.