Friday, April 15, 2016

My New Old Self

I stepped into a brand new frontier today, well sorta.  My hair stylist that I had used for the past couple of years has moved to Georgia.  At first she came home every weekend to continue her salon business, now she is working a few days each week at a salon in Georgia and coming home a couple of times a month for two days to keep her Alabama clients happy.

I love her dearly and she is a great stylist, but with my schedule and hers, things got too complicated.
I walked into a new salon today and met a new stylist.  She actually cuts my sister and three niece's hair, so she came highly recommended.  I was very nervous.  I think most women are like me, their hair, no matter how short or long is their calling card.  I just know when my hair is not right ( at least in my eyes) things are out of sorts.  Aging and wrinkles are no big deal, my hair is.

Kelli was drop dead beautiful and sweet as a glass of ice tea.  I told her up front that I had some issues with vertigo this past week so if I got dizzy not to panic.  She was wonderful and caring, but even better my hair looks great.  I felt like my old self, maybe even a little sparkly.  I made her promise not to move.  :)

I will post pictures tomorrow of my new old self.

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