Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Perfection

If I could have written a description for a perfect Sunday, it would have been today.
Coffee and the morning papers, a blueberry smoothie, a walk with the to a good start.
Our friend and sound man extraordinaire, Fred came over for lunch.  You know it's a good friend who will come and eat leftovers with you.

Another walk on our trails with Fred, and because we worried that we might have burned too many calories, I made a pan of brownies.  We sat in the warm afternoon sun and looked up at the blue skies and just blissed out.  Samantha and Jordan and Anthony smelled the brownies and came over for a visit and a brownie.

I washed yoga mats and blankets for work.  We practiced for our next gig.  I baked a chicken for meals this coming week.   I am tired, but full of joy and gratitude.  Blessings of joy to all of you this coming week.


  1. Your Sunday sounds a little bit more exciting than mine. I worked at the farm, went to church, went to breakfast with a group of friends, took a nap instead of baking oatmeal cookies, went back to work and painted on a ceramic piece.
    The wind picked up today and it turned cold. No flood so far so it's been a good day after all and I'm thankful too.

  2. Sounds perfect! So happy you're feeling better and had a good weekend!