Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We have baby chicks!  Cotton Ball, the mom accidentally let Rick see a couple of them today, but she is still sitting on them and the rest of the eggs and she is a very protective mom.  We are not sure how many, but it is so exciting to know we have babies.

When I called Jordan tonight to give him an update, he was beside himself.  He loves baby chicks as much as I do.  We are picking him up at school tomorrow, so hopefully Cotton Ball will give us a glimpse of those little cuties.

I am sure that Rick will take pictures of the babies as soon as he can.  In the meantime, I hope we have a few more hatch tonight.  Exciting times on the farm today.  :)

What a life we live...baby chicks, yoga, farming, music...we are not dull people.

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  1. New life shows that spring is here. The plants are coming to life. The animals are having little animals. It is a great time of year.