Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Today is April 27, for most of you it is no big deal, for those of us in Alabama it marks the 5 year anniversary of the worst tornado outbreak in our history.  62 of our 67 counties were hit, over 250 people died and those of us who lived here will never be the same.

All around where we live, there are reminders of 4-27-11, places where there once were communities,  trees still twisted, crosses where people died.  And yet time goes on, life continues, regardless of what is stored in our memories.

When we got up this morning I looked out our back door and saw the red and gold streaks of a sunrise, crystal blue skies and a waning moon.  It almost seemed as though the universe read our thoughts and promised us a good weather day today.  I look for signs, I believe in them, I need them.
The sunrise, the blue skies and the moon were gifts that I accepted gladly and with much gratitude this morning.


  1. That tornado was horrific. I remember seeing the carnage.

  2. I'm glad today was a good day and hopefully such disasters like that one will not happen again. Hugs to you tonight.