Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back Class

My classes were packed to capacity yesterday, but only a few came today.  Busy schedules and structured days sometimes get in the way of yoga class.  :)

Since I had thrown my back out Saturday, and am still dealing with some issues I did the most logical thing today for class...a class on back pain.  I told my students at the beginning that today the class was for me, but they loved it.  It seems that most of us at some point have dealt with back pain.
Yoga is often recommended for back pain and it works.  Even after teaching three classes yesterday, I felt better last night.  Tonight, my back pain is almost gone.  Yeah!

Another beautiful day, a student asked me today if the weather was always this beautiful in Alabama.
I assured them, that July and August would be unbearable...heat and high humidity, even the nights will be hot and humid.  But today, 80 degrees, blue skies, a gentle breeze ,the world is green and fresh and everything is blooming.  It is picture perfect.

Tomorrow is hump day and my off day and no plans.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I hope your back feels better soon. Mine got better and is now worse than ever. I will try to work out the pain as soon as I can breathe while moving.