Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A few minutes before my class this afternoon the sun finally pushed away the clouds and the blue skies that appeared were dazzling.  You could feel the change of energy in everyone as they walked outside the building and felt the warm sun on their skin.

I taught chakra classes today, actually yin chakra class.  It seemed fitting due to the dramatic change in the weather.  Balancing your chakra energy, even recognizing it can be emotional.  The class was small, but I knew the ones who were there needed this particular class.

Holding the poses for several minutes is powerful, holding asanas that relate and help to balance chakra or energy meridians is extremely powerful.  Rounding out the class with breath work, meditation and then savasana gave the students what each of them had searched for today.

There are days when I teach that I see change taking place.  I see it in student's eyes and their faces, I see smiles and or tears, but most of all I see hope.  It is a small miracle of sorts when you see hope that was not there an hour ago.  Today I saw hope, I felt hope.    I wish I could bottle that hope, but I can't...that hope, you seek, you open your heart and you earn it.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about balancing my Chakra. I spend way too much time on computer in between tasks and i forget about balancing my energy. I had a great sleep last night and over slept by one hour. I must have been tired.

    Have a great day.