Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dreaded Words

Those words we Alabamians dread...tornado watch has been issued by the National Weather Service.
You can feel the instability in the air, it will be a long night.  We are also under a flood watch.

I didn't teach today,for the third time in as many weeks I have picked up a stomach bug...or maybe it is just not going away.  This evening's meal was my first since yesterday.  If any of you have some home remedies please share them.  I think I might have tried them all, but you never know.

A cup of hot tea calls to me.
Sorry for the short post, but brain function is not at its best today.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well again. I used to have Lipton chicken noodle soup and crackers when I was was not feeling well. I think the salty soup did me good.
    Get well soon.

  2. This stomach flu bug is really bad this year. My sister just had it and it took well over a week to shake it. Most folks at work have had it too..I'm still the last holdout and hoping to keep it that way! Hope you feel better soon. Rest up and keep hydrated!