Monday, March 28, 2016

Need and Connection

Once again today I witnessed the healing power of yoga.  Seeing broken spirits began to mend is an amazing sight and in both afternoon classes I watched and listened to students talk about their experience.  It seems that for the past few weeks the relaxation has brought about what I call  the detoxing of the spirit.   Tears, laughter and even sleep have happened during the savasana ( relaxation) part of class.

In my community class there has been much grief, three students have suffered loss... one a mom, one a brother and one a husband.  I see their faces and watch their spirits lift as the other class members give them hugs.  The breath work, the movement and the stillness of relaxation helps the grief process.

Honestly, when I began to teach yoga, I never thought I would be in the midst of so much pain but that is where my path has brought me.  Every class I teach is humbling, every class I teach shows me just how much we humans are connected and how  much we need each other.

I hope your week brings hugs and laughter and that where ever you live, there are beginning signs of spring.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. We all have the same basic needs to thrive.
    You do good work Jilda.
    Easter Blessings,