Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Birthday

Cold and chilly in Alabama tonight, but I know that our northern friends saw snow and much colder temps.  Spring is such a tease, she has wooed us with 80 degree temps this week and brought frost to our young tender flowers tonight.

Here in Alabama, spring can truly be cruel and dangerous, caressing us with warm sunshine and blossoms and then can swiftly slaughter with tornadoes and floods.  Though I was born in the spring, she is not my favorite season, at least not here in the south.

My birthday is this week.  Birthdays are interesting,  they can be reminders,  of all we have accomplished and reminders of all we have not.  They can taunt us with memories of youth and throw harsh reality in our faces about age.  I think we should all celebrate our birthday, but not dwell on them.  Once again, it is about being present, not wishing for the past or being fearful of the future.

This year, there is a full moon on my birthday, March 23.  I do believe in signs and I think a full moon on my birthday is a good sign.

Wishing you all a week that is full of all good things.


  1. Birthday's change over the years and I am finding now that having my grandson share a birthday cake after supper with us is the best gift. Hugs.

  2. I don't usually mention it when it's my birthday. It's keeping me forever young, lol. I'm not sure it's working.