Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kodak Moment

For many years, Rick and I both worked as photographers at a newspaper.  It was back in the day, of film and darkrooms and the art of printing a photograph. There was a commercial during that time that spoke of Kodak moments.  The moments where there is intense joy or love or emotion captured forever in a picture.  It has been years since I thought of that phrase, but I did this afternoon.

Jordan came over after school, it was a breezy spring day, a little cloudy but everything around us had that yellow green tinge of spring.  I sat on the deck and watched the chickens peck in the grass, the dogs rolling in the grass, Rick sitting at the fire pit and Jordan racing around the backyard.  It was a real Kodak moment.

I sat there and hoped that the image, the memory, would forever be etched in my  mind.  It was one of joy, beauty and hope.  I just wanted to stop time, take a breath and hold on to that instant.  Zeus was crowing, Rick and Jordan were laughing and the world was as it should it be.

I am so glad I took a few moments to sit on the deck and watch my little world develop.  It was nothing special, yet it was incredible.  We all have those moments you know, those real Kodak moments.  Too often we let them slip by without realizing their value.

Tonight, I wish you all a Kodak moment tomorrow...but most of all, I wish you take the time to know acknowledge its value.


  1. Those are the moments to treasure. And you will have it in your heart forever.

  2. I have a soft spot for Kodak. My first camera was a Kodak and I liked the format and quality of the pictures.
    I suppose you don't miss those darkrooms and the print processing chemicals; they've greatly decreased in popularity but they still exist.

  3. When we have time to observe there are many Kodak moments. Sometimes I wish I had a smart phone to preserve those sweet moments. My big Canon camera is too big to carry around casually.

    I hope you have another Kodak moment today.