Monday, March 21, 2016

Amazing Moon

If you can see the moon tonight, look at it and be amazed.  It is the biggest and brightest that I have seen in months, and it won't be full until Wednesday. Of course we did moon salutations in class tonight, it would have been a shame to have not acknowledged that beautiful orb in the sky.

It is still cold, and we have had frost and we are a wee bit worried about our fruit trees, but there has not been a freeze and that is good.  It seems to always be chilly for Easter, whether it comes in March or April.  I think even with the cold, the dogwoods will be in full glory come Easter Sunday.

I hope that the moon that is shinning down on me tonight, shines on you as well.  May you feel the peace and beauty of its light.

goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. The moon is pretty tonight. It will bring me a good night's sleep.

  2. The moon was bright last night and it reflected on the snow covered yard.
    Have a good week.