Sunday, March 13, 2016


Ok, Daylight Savings Time, you love it or hate it.  I am not a fan.  Getting up in the dark confuses my internal body clock, daylight at 8:00 pm confuses it as well.  And I am a little freaked when our local school bus is picking up small children in the dark down our street.

I know, DST has made a booming business out of after school sports in the spring and summer.  Every town has a baseball field, full of lights and parents and players.  I read an interesting article today that one of the industries that profits most from DST...the oil industry.  Seems we up our consumption of fuel and energy when we spring forward.  No long trips, just trips to the mall or park, and all those extra lights at parks and stadiums.  

Ok, my rant is over.   No wait, a you really get outside and exercise more with DST or do you just think you do?  Being in the car, or sitting on a bleacher does not count as exercise. :)

Hope your Monday zips by.

Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. I actually do get more exercise during DST. I work 8 to 5 , so having a little extra daylight in the afternoons help. However, I hate getting up in the dark but that will end soon. Great post, you have given me something to think about here.

  2. DST makes no difference to the way I conduct my life. It is just inconvenient to have to change the three clocks that don't automatically change. I am not a fan either.

  3. ooo, hard questions there. I positively hate DST. Students sit at desks with bleary eyes. And now retired, I also sit/walk with bleary eyes.

  4. I don't mind this time change. I function better when I get up early and I feel like I'm getting out of work early in the afternoon. Working in an environment without windows makes me appreciate sunlight much more and I'm glad to get extra hours of it with this change. However, I wish they..whoever "they" are..would leave the time change alone. Quit going back and forth. I don't care if Falling back is the way to go..I just hate making the change twice a year! Anyway, I hope you have a good week and the mornings will get light again...I hope!