Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

After a day of cloudy skies and showers, just in time for sunset, sunshine peeped through the clouds.
I cooked lunch today and shared it with our neighbor whose wife died yesterday.  This afternoon we visited with family.

It has been an odd energy day, not sure if it is because of the passing of my aunt and our neighbor's wife, the weather or what, but I have felt out of sorts today. It has been a busy week and suddenly I realize it is back to work tomorrow.

March is quickly coming to an end this week and April seems to be rushing in, Jordan informed me today only nine weeks until summer vacation.  I do remember those days of waiting for summer vacation and the anticipation of no school and no homework.

I hope your Easter weekend has been blessed with family, food and friends and with joy and peace.


  1. Sometimes it is hard to rise above sorrowful feelings. At least you know what to do to lessen those feelings. Peace to you.

  2. I agree Jilda, time is flying by at an accelerated rate... my youngest is always looking ahead and I tell her to slow down and enjoy the time xox

  3. Your poor neighbour must be missing his wife. It was good of you to share your lunch with him.
    I hope your spirit is feeling a bit lighter today.
    I find that time is going way too fast for me too.
    My days seem to zoom by with lightning speed.