Thursday, March 24, 2016

Goodbye Aunt Betty

The phone rang this afternoon and it was my cousin Nina, it had been a couple of months since we had spoken, but I could tell by her voice something was wrong.   Her mom, my aunt Betty had made her final transformation this morning.  Her words hit me hard.

Aunt Betty was the last of my mom's siblings, she was the youngest.  I thought about my mom and her siblings and I hoped that somewhere there was a family reunion tonight.  It has been ten years since my mother and oldest brother died.  The last time I had seen Aunt Betty she talked about how much she missed her brothers and sister.  I told Nina this evening how much I missed my mom, dad and never goes away.

I have an old photograph of my  mom and aunt Betty when they were young girls.  I swear, they look like movie stars.

I thought about how large my mom's family use to be, all the aunts, uncles and there are only a handful of cousins still alive...time goes so fast.  It has been a rainy sad afternoon.
RIP Aunt Betty


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Jilda. I wish I could bring you comfort as your posts often do for me.

  2. Very sorry for your lost Jilda. As we grow older we have to say good bye more often. Loves never dies but lives on in our heart.

  3. So sorry for your family's loss. Sheila

  4. Please accept my condolences. When my mother dies each of my children said to me (at different times),"Now she is working in the garden with Grandpa and (their uncle and cousin) were sitting on the steps watching."