Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Moon

Tonight is the new moon...once again bringing new beginnings,new energy to our lives.
March is all about change...including the one almost everyone I know waits for...spring.

I am ready for change, ready for the birth of all things green and fresh.  Our springs can be interesting here in Alabama,  not only for the violent weather, but cold and snowy one day and barefoot weather the next.  A warm spring day can be so beautiful, filled with blooms, birds and blue skies, yet the aftermath of our storms can leave a barren, ugly, raw landscape of destruction.  It is yin and yang, is it not?

Tomorrow is hump day, my off day.  I think there will be errands to do, some gig practice and most importantly, a nap.  I love ordinary days.

May the new moon bring the change you need and want.  May it fill our lives with renewed energy and hope.


  1. Here to the new moon.

  2. I resist change but at the same time I like it. I know that is a contradiction but that is my nature. I like the changes brought by the changes in the moon.