Friday, October 2, 2015

Popcorn Joy

Jordan came to our house after school today.  He was so full of joy, it could not be contained.  His class had a popcorn party this afternoon.  It seems the kindergarten, first grade and second grades had done a fundraiser of sorts.  They had brought sales receipts from local  and area stores in each day for the past few weeks.  The class with the most dollar tally in receipts won the party, his class won.
Not only did they have popcorn, but they watched 101 Dalmatians.

That is the amazing thing about kids.  Their joy is pure and simple.  It doesn't take big stuff to make a child happy.  Adults seem to look for things to be sad about, kids find the joy.  I'm not sure exactly when we lose that ability to find joy in the simple, but I think if we could remember those times and reclaim that ability our world would be so different.

It's Friday night, this weekend find some joy, pop some popcorn, watch a few cartoons.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Jordan is a wonderful and bright star in our lives. When you write about him my heart sings.

  2. Fudge goes well with popcorn if you want an extra special treat.

  3. We're up north in Wisconsin for my niece's wedding. I know there is joy happening today! (Popcorn always makes me smile!)