Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Lover of Rain

I am a lover of rain.  Even cold grey rainy days are good for me. So mother nature must be playing with me just a wee bit.  We are in our dry season here in Alabama. October is usually our driest month.  The skies are blue as can be, the leaves are starting to turn color and here I am wishing for a rainy day.

There is something about a chilly rainy fall day.  It is the perfect time to read, have a cup of tea and reflect on all that is good.  It is ok.  Usually the rains come in November, the leaves are gone in one fell swoop or downpour and everyone complains but me.  My flip flops and sandals are already packed back in the closet, summer clothes have joined them.  Sweaters and boots sit ready to be worn.

I have friends who are already complaining about the chilly mornings, even Sam and Jordan complain.  But for me, those chilly mornings give me energy and to be honest, I can breathe so much easier.

It is a good thing that man cannot control the weather, none of us would ever be happy would we?

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. There is absolutely nothing as comforting to me as a lovely rainy day, a good book, and a cup of tomato soup. I wrap myself in a nice little blanket and sit by the window to read.