Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Night

Almost every day this week has taken an unexpected turn.  Wednesday, as Rick and I were having lunch, Jordan's mom called and asked if we could pick him up at school, he was sick.
Turns out he has pneumonia and has spent the past few days with us, instead of going to school.

Our days have been spent making chicken soup and Popsicles.  I have watched Scooby Doo and
Jake the Pirate way too many times. But, he has been a sick little boy and it breaks my heart to see him not well.

Finally today, he had enough energy to go outside for a short time.  I think the sunshine and fresh air did him good.  I am hoping the meds kick in and tomorrow he will be himself again.

A busy Friday, washing yoga mats and caring for a sick seven year old.  Tomorrow is Kaye and Jamie's wedding, a Halloween wedding will be fun.

I hope you all get treats tomorrow night and no tricks.


  1. Once a sick child is ready to get out of bed and go outside it is usually a sign that he is recovering. Feel better, Jordan.

  2. Poor little guy! Breaks my heart, too.

  3. Poor little Jordan. I had pneumonia when I was 5 and nearly died. Speedy recovery to Jordan.

    Hope the wedding goes well. It will be a fun night I imagine. Happy Trick or Treaters Halloween.