Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. There are days when nothing goes as planned like today.  It seems that the local schools chose this day to have a teacher's meeting.  That meant Jordan would come to our house at lunch.  His mom had called last night and ask if that would be ok. Of course it would be ok, it would be wonderful.

Then this morning, my fretful self thought oh no, you have a column to write today, you still have four hours of videos to watch for your on line class...and on and on.  I took a deep breath, spent ten minutes with my smart vest and took about a forty minute walk.  All was well with the world.  Rick left to pick up Jordan, and I cooked lunch.

Jordan arrived in his usual state of joy.  Suddenly all those things that had concerned me earlier took a back seat.  We played all afternoon.  I forgot about class and the column and just had fun.

You know what, he went home around 5:30, we ate dinner and I wrote my column.  I will watch my videos in the morning before I go to work.  Silly me, to spend all that energy fretting.  I needed the fun today. Our afternoon with Jordan was a gift.  I am still laughing at myself as I type this post.

We get in the way when life hands us precious gifts. I forget that living like water, going with the flow will get me where I need to be, when I need to be there.  I hope you all have the opportunity to have some fun this week.  I highly recommend it.  Seven year old kids are great teachers, they are masters at having fun.


  1. Kiddos always know how to live life don't they? I laughed yesterday when my granddaughter screamed at my latest Halloween decoration and then she laughed when she brought her unsuspecting sister in for a fright! They both laughed and screamed and enjoyed the moment...but not more than me! Have a good week Jilda!

  2. Hanging out with children is a delight. I do so every opportunity given me.