Thursday, October 22, 2015

Continuing Thoughts

continuing thoughts on last night's Moss blog...maybe those early days by the stream, contemplating the moss on the rocks was the beginning of my journey toward meditation.  Stranger things have happened.

I taught meditation classes today.  For a few, the stillness was bearable, for some, unbearable.  We have become so driven, movement and results driven, ingrained into our very souls, sometimes it seems we  have lost all ability to sit still and breathe.

We feel guilty about our stillness, about sitting still. We think it is a waste of time or foolish.
Meditation feeds our souls and spirits, no wonder so many search and try to fill the emptiness with drugs and alcohol.  We run away from the very thing we need and crave.

Meditation takes practice and cultivation and it might not always give you the results you expect. But, there is no bad meditation.  Someone ask today what I thought the difference was between  prayer and meditation, my humble thoughts were these. " Usually in prayer we are asking for something or being grateful, in meditation we are allowing the peace that lives in our hearts to find our brains."

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I agree, sitting still is difficult for most people. I used to do a one hour of meditation everyday in my spiritual St Ignatius Journey and what I found that even when it was difficult to just sit and just be, I would most time get some great insights which I would journal about after.

    You're doing some good and don't get discourage when the seeds falls on rocks. Sometimes it takes time for the moss to grow.