Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Door

I love decorating the entry to our house.  The stepping stone that is flanked by the stone planters is almost a hundred years old.  It was cut by hand and given as a wedding gift ( from the groom to the bride) of the couple who originally owned the farm where we live.

Our front door has been purple for many years and though I have thought about changing the color I just can't.  That purple door says this is Rick and Jilda's house, welcome.

We met old friends for dinner tonight. We ate outdoors at a wonderful little restaurant in Birmingham. The food, the company, it was as good as it gets.  This has been a great hump day.

Here's to a Thursday that brings good news and joy to all.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Love your door! Don't change a thing and I know you always welcome friends, family, and stray dogs to your house with love! Have a good Thursday!

  2. A warm welcome is felt even in the picture. Don't change a thing.

  3. When people come to your house they know they came to the right place when they see the purple door. It's has become your hallmark. Leave as is.

  4. Thanks ya'll! The purple door stays. :)

  5. I remember the first time you or Rick postd about your purple door and I loved it then as much as now. Don't paint it. Purple to me means serenity and warmth! You two are the perfect example of that.

  6. I love that purple door too. It really does have they inviting feel to it even in the picture. I recently painted our door the same color and it transformed the entire house. You can see it from all the way down the street and it just makes a great focal point that anyone driving by can see in an instant.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock