Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last Week of October

A very busy weekend.  Sometimes it just happens.  It has been fun, but exhausting.
Life happens in unpredictable ways, and you really do have to go with the flow.

Good news, at least for us, rain is moving in tonight.  We have been under a fire ban for over a week.  There have been forest fires burning for days.  When we walk the fallen leaves are so dry and crunchy and under them, there is dust.  The rain is what is left of hurricane Patricia, we will be grateful for the left overs.

This is the last week of October.  Another busy week, Halloween, my friends Kaye and Jamie are getting married, and Daylight Savings leaves for awhile.  All good things worth celebrating.

Wishing you a glorious fall week, get ready for the goblins and witches and the full moon.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams 


  1. I am sure the Halloween wedding will be wonderful. It is one of my favorite holidays.

  2. The moon was big on the horizon this evening as we ate our pizza supper. We don't have any goblins coming to our door now for many years. all the neighbourhood kids are all grownup and moved on.

    I miss the kiddies at our door. Schools have Halloween parties for the kids.

    Halloween wedding sound interesting.
    Have a relaxing evening.