Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My fascination with moss began as a child.  There was a tiny stream in our back yard and I spent a great deal of time playing there.  There were moss covered stones and rocks every where and moss on the ground and tree trunks.

I loved the feel of the moss, soft, bouncy.  The smell was earthy and fresh and the rich verdant colors were beautiful.

I feel at home around moss covered rocks and earth. There is a connection I cannot explain, only that I feel it is a part of me.  My shade garden has struggled the past few weeks. Warm October temps and no rain do not make a happy place for shade gardens full of moss.

I watered every thing today. I could almost hear a sigh of relief as the droplets fell on the rich earth.
It has been a good off day. Peaceful and restful, as it should be.   May the rest of your week bring smiles and hugs.