Monday, October 12, 2015

Good Changes

A new moon, changing season, you can feel a difference in the energy.  All three classes today were more upbeat, cheerful, actually hopeful.  I think our cooler temperatures and the fall colors are very uplifting.

Even though we fear change and most of us dislike change, we forget how good change can be.
The seasons change, our tastes in food awakens, our sense of smell becomes more heightened, and the colors inspire us to get outside more.  Fall brings an awareness to our senses that is so intense.
Just think about crisp apples, the smell of burning leaves, the colors around us.

Where ever you are tonight, take some time to notice your senses, touch, smell, taste, hearing.
Notice color, textures,eat something earthy like root vegetables, listen to the wind blow.
Let the changing of the season teach you that change can be good, it can be inspiring.

Notice the changes around you tomorrow.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

1 comment:

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. The hot hot weather is usually gone. We begin to look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The air seems crisp and clean. The plants show off their finery before going to sleep for the winter.