Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Am Still Learning

" I am still learning."  - Michelangelo

I saw that quote this morning, it has stuck with me all day.  It was one of those goodbye days at work.
There were tears and hugs, it does not get easier.  No matter how much my students say they learn from me, I learn so much more from them.

My students keep me humble and grateful.  They make me laugh and cry.  They teach me how frail we humans are. They teach me how incredible we humans are. In them, I see the brightest, the smartest, the kindest and the strongest.  I see my friends and family in them.  I see anguish. I see hope. I see the best and the worst.  I see human beings.

No  matter how many students I teach, how many years I teach, all I can say.  "I am still learning."

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  1. When we stop learning we stop growing. There is no more reason to be.