Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Treatment #31

Treatment #31.......the green chairs were busy today......and I am exhausted....and there seems to be some side effects rearing their ugly little heads tonight.
I know by now, I should be an old pro at this.......but I am always apprehensive before treatment.
I don't think I will ever get use to them.  It is amazing after all this time, there can be new and different side effects........sorry for the whine,  I have to remind myself daily, it could be much worse.
I have such wonderful nurses who care for me, and doctors who found answers.  A good night's sleep will bring a better day tomorrow.

today was the hottest day since last summer here in Alabama......there is a rumor of cooler air headed our way tonight.......almost the fourth of July......I think our celebration will be rather low key.
If you are on the road to someplace travels.  Remember the reason for the celebration, and if you have forgotten or the memory is foggy......take a few moments to read some American history to your kids this weekend.  I am a descendant of Thomas Jefferson, I am serious about my independence.


  1. I hope you are able to rest and that you feel better soon... I hope you don't have to work for a couple of days...

    We just had Canada Day... I understand your patriotism.. I feel the same way about my country :)

    It is wonderful to live in a free land :)

  2. Rest. Hugs. You were in my thoughts today.

  3. It isn't whining to say 'I feel bad' when you feel bad, and other people can use the information about what to expect from these treatments. I'd hardly have called, or considered, my mother a whiner when she talked about side effects from chemo...

    Having said that, I hope you rest well and recoup your vim and vigour. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of remembering our history: Let freedom ring out throughout the land!

  4. Hey, you are not a "whiner"! I think you are handling all that you go through with grace and courage and I know you always appreciate the medical help and try to cheer up those in the green chairs with you. Hopefully you'll feel good enough to celebrate this weekend. Neat that you have such a wonderful American heritage! Happy 4th Jilda!