Saturday, July 26, 2014

Small Town

We live in the country.......we buy food and stuff at a near-by very small town where I grew up. This afternoon we did grocery shopping, Wal-mart stuff and purchased produce (that we don't grow) from a third generation produce stand.

A family owned grocery store called Bozeman's is our favorite place to shop.  It is small, not a large inventory but full of smiling friendly faces, a butcher and assorted small town characters.  As we were walking through the door today, we met a woman who had been grocery shopping and possibly had visited a bar before she went.  She was truly all smiles and wore a very fragrant beer perfume......we had to laugh.  Only in our town, could you visit the local grocery store, and if needed, someone there would drive you home.

Years ago,  I had had surgery and decided that I knew better than the doc when it would be appropriate for me to drive and do errands.  I went to the grocery store with list in hand,
somewhere on aisle 3, my body reminded me that it had recently been sliced opened.
Our friendly checker helped me to a bench, and the stock boy took my list and finished
my shopping for me, loaded my groceries in the car and was going to drive me home, when I vowed and promised I could drive myself.  I had to promise to call them when I got home to let them know I was ok.

When my dad died, my mom, overcome with grief became ill.  It was on a Sunday, she needed her meds and the local pharmacy was closed.....I called the pharmacist and asked him if I could meet him at the store and get mom's meds.......he said no, stay with your mom, I will bring them to her house.  Only in a small town.

Small towns can be irritating, everyone knows you and your business.......but those same people are right there to lend a helping hand when needed.  I have lived in large cities and the energy and excitement, the variety of places and things to do is great........but I love my hometown, a small town......where everyone knows my name.

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