Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hump Day Ramblings

July 30 felt like autumn in Alabama this morning......and this afternoon.......I love this weather, but it's just not normal......not for the deep south at the end of July.

Jordan spent the day with us and as always it was a delightful day.......filled with giggles,
questions and hugs.  In two weeks, he will start first grade.

Taz saw the young deer down at the apple tree this evening.......she barked and yapped until the little deer finally ran into the woods.  Taz strutted back into the house, looking very pleased with her little six pound self.  Of course, five minutes later, the deer came back.

My brain is rather mushy this week, not sure if it is the aftermath of the serum sickness or knowing that treatment is a week from today.......and I'm just running out of "juice."
Or maybe it's the cold/allergy that keeps nipping at my heels.  I admit, I have been off my game.

It's Wednesday, hump day for all the working folk........and tomorrow is the last day of July.
and yes.......I admit ( I know this is so sick, but I was in the fashion industry for 30 years.) I am looking at fall clothes and boots.
Enough ramblings for one night
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. Your days are full...ramblings and all! I'm not hating this little cool snap at all. Makes for chilly pool days, but I'm even OK with that! Mowing the lawn is much more enjoyable with cool temps. Have a good weekend!

  2. While it is 100 deg. here, school uniforms and fall fashions are on display.
    Brains get mushy sometimes. They need some downtime just like everything. Take care.