Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31

This morning as I stood and looked down the field at the apple tree, our young deer appeared.....this time with a spotted fawn dancing circles around her momma.
It was  an act of pure joy.......and I felt honored to have witnessed the dance.

Classes were good was a day of hellos and goodbyes.  When I got home this evening two of our baby chicks were out of the pen........Jordan and his Nana tried to help me get them back in, but no luck.  Not sure where the hole is in the fence, but Rebel and Lady almost had chicken for supper.  One found his way back in with the rest, but the other couldn't or wouldn't.  Rick was at a meeting.....I finally told Jordan and his Nana to go home that I would sit and make sure nothing bothered the chick.  It was dusk, and "skeeters" favorite chow time, and they love me.

Before Jordan and Deb went home, he found a frog in the back yard, and a lightening bug......he watched the chick while I found a mason jar for his creatures.......he skipped all the way home.

This cold/allergy is getting to be quite pesky, chasing chicks, and donating blood to the skeeter population has made for a rough evening.  I am ready to call it a day.
Enjoy the last day of July 2014.  August brings even shorter days, back to school,and
the rumblings of football season.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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