Monday, July 14, 2014


Looking for answers  can be a slow process.......after over two years of treatments and dealing with difficult side effects, we may have found an answer.   Time will tell, as it usually does.
It is hard to be patient when you want answers, even more frustrating when your health is involved....I do know this, from the bottom of my heart......there are answers, you might not find them or they might not be the ones you seek......but they are there.

I hope to be back  teaching tomorrow.......I have missed it and my students.  But my body has been was demanded, whether I wanted to or not.  Good health is the most precious gift of all......without it, everything pales in becomes grey and shadowy  and loses its vibrancy.

Hoping your Monday was smooth and easy and that the rest of your week follows the same path.  If it was bumpy, I hope the bumps are smooth as silk tomorrow.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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