Saturday, July 12, 2014


Sometimes transformation comes in ways you never dreamed possible......back in February, the treatments were grueling and I spent a great deal of time on my couch.  On our coldest night, ( it was 5 degrees)  I heard a tiny scratch at our door and there sat this shivering little fur ball.  I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and she slept with us that night.

It was obvious she was sick......and actually near death.  Her journey to our home and living with us has been a long story.....but that is not the story to tell tonight.  Tonight I want to tell you about my transformation and hers.  It seems we were meant to be good medicine for each other.  Taz, like me has some serious issues, which  means meds and good care.  She is playful, and loving and needs lots of rest, just like me.  When I am at my sickest ( as I have been this week)
she never leaves me.  It seems we have that connection.
Her appearance now, like mine is one of good health......but the issues are there......always lurking in the shadows.  Words cannot express how much her presence means to me, how much better I feel, when she lays in the bend of my knees.  The couch is more like a sanctuary now for Taz and me.

This morning as Rick and I sat on the deck drinking our coffee, she sat on the steps ever watchful, making sure that all was well with me.  Somehow by some divine grace, she is truly my guardian, my balm of soothing love. That cold February night, she knew we would save her and care for her.......she has done that much for me as well.


  1. What a cutie! I'm so glad she adopted you. My Mom had a similar experience with a cat. The funny thing is, she's never liked cats. This one showed up on her deck and they ended up being great friends. Miss Kitty passed away a few years ago and Mom really missed her. Pets are so much more than "animals"...they become important members of the family.

  2. I love my pets and share a deep bond with them. This post really touched me as I completely understand how comforting they are in times of trouble. She is no doubt your guardian angel as you are hers!