Thursday, July 3, 2014

Freaking Dogs

The neighbors are celebrating with fireworks tonight........Taz and Calliou are freaking.  Honestly, I didn't think Taz was afraid of anything.......storms never bother her.....but the boom of fireworks has definitely pushed her buttons.  It will be a long weekend for these dogs.  I was telling Rick this morning that we should buy those thunder vests for them.

A "cold" front moved through last night........this morning was cool and crisp for July......the sky was the blue that you see out west.  Our humidity and pollution make us forget how blue the sky can be......but today, blue skies and white fluffy clouds, plus low humidity created a picture perfect day.

Taz is now resting on top of my feet, the booms have least for a while.  Calliou is hiding in the guest room.....thank goodness we have no guests this week.  My nephew Haven is bringing us a smoked butt tomorrow.  The boy can cook some meat......I can't wait.  I know I am rambling, I'm still a little fuzzy from the treatment.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I can hardly wait for the 4th to be over and done with. My Skitz just completely falls apart with the fireworks and I feel so bad for her. We do have a thundershirt and it helps a lot. She prefers to have it on and then get both of us in bed so she can squeeze down between us under the covers. Poor babies.

  2. Poor Eddy hates gun shots and fireworks...he just moved into town with his master Jordan so I think he'll be safe! I'm dedicating today to work inside and mostly outside. The weather is perfect and hopefully our Balloonfest in Ashland brings some of those hot air beauties over the Pines! Happy 4th to you and Rick!

  3. I have had people around me putting off fireworks and they nearly scare the life out of me... plus, I live in the city with lots of trees, so there is the worry of an amateur starting a fire...

    I hope you get rest and that it stays cool for you :)