Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cause for Gratitude

Success!......I taught both my classes today and drove myself home. I had a couple of moments, but I made it through.  Hopefully, my body has expelled or absorbed the residue of the last treatment and the symptoms are beginning to fade away.

It felt so good to teach, to feel normal........for me, this transformation has been incredible.
I am not 100 percent but that is ok, being on the upswing is good.

The transformation of sick to not as  sick is cause for great is cause for intense is cause for joy.  I know those who have chronic illness who seem to never be grateful for the good days......thus all their days are bad.  You really do have to celebrate the good days......the bad days make themselves known loud and clear.

Tomorrow is Friday, my day to rest and get ready for our weekend gig.  I hope your Friday is full of good surprises, unexpected kisses and many hugs.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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