Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Treatment #11

So here I sit in the mighty green chair, drip attached for five long's ok, I had nice warm blankets, and those three blue angels hovering  around me.

Not many in the infusion room today, I take that as a good was rather quiet, we all seemed subdued.  For one young woman it was her first time in the big green chairs, but her mom and best friend were with her, and when she left she was smiling......she knew she was loved.

I am very tired tonight, the drip has been slowed even more, since last time.......hopefully it will help with the nausea and other side effects.  Sitting in those green chairs is not for wussies......and the folks that come with you, well they are not wussies either. Those green chairs show you the stuff you're made of.....or not.
As Rick and I topped one of the hills coming home tonight, we saw one of the most brilliant sunsets.
He kept asking what color is that, the only color I could name..... was magical.
Maybe this whole 12-12-12 thing was a day of magic.

So how many more treatments, still is what it is.....and this too shall pass.
But I saw a magical sunset today, I saw a young woman understand that she was truly loved,
and once again, I got to tell those blue angels thank you.

Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. You look so little sitting in the big green chair! My prayers are for a speedy end to this and health for you. I think you truly know how to live in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

  2. Jilda, I'm not far along in your older blog posts and already I feel a connection with you. Your attitude gives me shivers all through my body and to me it a good sign that I recognize. I call it a soul connection for lack of better explanation.

    I too sat in a big chair for the long hours of drip red poison that made me sick and made my hair fall. I resigned myself to live life to the full and to enjoy life as if it was my last day. I had advanced breast cancer with a gloomy future. The mastectomy was on December 19, 2002 and treatments started early in 2003.
    I'm still here and even lived through 12-12-12.

    Wishing you strength and courage and I'll add you to my list of healing prayers for friends and family.