Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mrs. Santa Claus

Leaving work in the dark tonight, I was thinking that  I  seemed to  be missing  quite a few sunsets......but then I started to take notice.  There are beautiful Christmas lights everywhere on this winding country road.  Some are thoughtful, well planned, color and theme driven.......others are
lights spread with wild abandon, like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting......brilliant in color, but you have to look to see the subject.

Even on the dead-end road where we live, Christmas lights have sprung up like mushrooms the past few days.  Just like on the drive home, some are well-planned and others seem to be tossed into trees and bushes with joy and enthusiasm.

We will do a tree and a little outside illumination toward the end of the week.  We always get a "living tree" to plant after the holidays......you can walk around our yard and visit all our Christmas trees.
This past  weekend I did hang the wreath on the door, and the Christmas flag.  This weekend I will paint Christmas cards, yes each one individually painted......how many?   some years as many as 100, most of the time around 50.  I know some get crazy with decorations, I get crazy painting cards.

I made a fruitcake this weekend ( and I actually let Rick help, usually I try to keep him out of the
kitchen, but there was so much fruit and nuts) I had to have help!  It feels like Christmas tonight, cold and cloudy.  Oh yes, there will some meteor showers tomorrow night and Thursday, hoping for clear skies.  Isn't that rather magical, to think about a sky full of shooting stars at Christmas time?

Tomorrow is treatment day, I am wearing a red sweater, so that sitting in that big green chair I will look like Mrs. Santa Claus!
Good night, Sweet dreams!


  1. Sending shooting stars of light and love your way for your day in the chair!
    Much love from one Mrs Claus to another~

  2. Prayers, warm thoughts and love will be winging their way to you and for you tomorrow. Hugs.

  3. And what a lovely Mrs Santa you'll make!! Take care

  4. Hope the treatment goes well, take care love.