Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Over The Rainbow

It has been an extremely long day.......this morning around 3:00, a noise awakened us, it was our
dog Astro, a black lab mix.  I thought he was having a seizure, Rick and I both were trying to figure out what to do, how to comfort him.....after a while he slept.

Around 6:00 we made coffee, and Astro came into the great room with us like he does every morning.
But , he was weak, as he walked he leaned to one side, and it seemed that he was walking in circles.
When our vet opened, Rick carried him down to her office.........really bad news......Astro had had a major stroke, and his vet, who had taken care of him for twelve years gently suggested we let him go.

Rick called me to break the news, I honestly thought when they left that Astro would be back home ready for our morning walk........instead, he joined Blackie Bear, and Charlie and all the rest of our beloved dogs over the rainbow.

Astro was like all our other dogs, a cast-off......but he was sweet and gentle and would stand for hours beside you, if you petted him.  He could never seem to get enough love.  Our niece Samantha brought him to her house, just as she did Blackie Bear, but with Sam at school every day, Bear and Astro liked our house better.

Rick had a book signing today, it was hard to sit there and smile and talk with people.......I just wanted to grieve for Astro.  When we walked into tonight, I looked for him.......the house seems so empty without him.  Tough year......Blackie Bear and Astro......somewhere over the rainbow.


  1. Jilda, I am so sorry. I know how our four-legged family members take over our hearts, and mine aches for you and your loss. Hope you can feel a hug and a prayer tonight.

  2. Jilda, i'm so sad for you and Rick. Big hug, and please know that i join you in your sadness. Doggies are so much a part of our lives, our daily lives that their sudden departure is seemingly not fair. My gal Duchess is only 18 months old and so cute. She is a medium dog; mom's a mini schnauzer and dad's a cocker spaniel. Her mix breed is, not kidding, a schnocker. nigh nigh.

  3. Jilda, my sincere sympathy at the lost of your beloved Astro. It sad at any time but especially at a time that should be filled with merriment.

    You can take consolations in knowing that you loved and cared for for him like a family member.

    Sending some comfort hugs,


  4. My heart weeps for you. But I am so glad Astro found his forever home filled with so much love.

  5. I read Rick's post about Astro and I'll tell you too how sorry I am for you both. I know there's a special place in heaven for all the beloved pets and I have a few I can't wait to see again. Hugs to you and Rick tonight.