Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Let Them Forget

A friend of mine who teaches at a nearby college posted something so sad on FB this morning......he had cancelled classes for today and had casually mentioned to his students to remember how important this day was.......December 7.  He had students that had no idea why this day was special.

I cannot imagine any college student in this country not knowing the importance of December 7, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.  It is a date that changed this country, that changed the world.
And now I'm wondering do they even teach history anymore?.......maybe if they had the students at least watch Tora, Tora, Tora?

My dad was a medic during WWII .......he refused to talk to any of us about the war.  We never even knew that he had been awarded medals until several years after his death......I had gone to the VA office to talk about possible benefits for my mom when she was ill.  The woman told me the battles,
and the awards he had been given.  No one in the family knows what happened to them.  The war changed my dad, it changed everyone involved in every way.......thousands died......and to think that there are college students that do not know what this day is just not acceptable.

For those of you reading this tonight, teach your children, your grandchildren......remind them of the incredible sacrifices that were made all over the world, don't let them forget.

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