Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Value of Friends

The storms moved through this morning, the winds are howling tonight, lows in the 20' feels like Christmas.  We met some of our oldest and dearest friends for GreenTop BBQ tonight.
Tom, Judy, Brenda and Danny......we had not seen them in since they don't live that far away.......our lives are like yours, busy and complicated.

It was so good to see them, to sit and laugh and know that no matter how many months go by, when we're together, it is as though we just saw each other yesterday.  Susie, who owns the Green Top was a friend of my parents.....she and my dad grew up together......she is 90, but she is younger than many
50 year olds that I know.  She has always been more like a favorite aunt, than a friend of the family's.
She asked me again tonight if I would sing at her funeral......I told her yes,
 but it had better  be a long time coming.

Rick and I sang at Brenda and Danny's wedding, that was held at Tom and Judy's house.......the threads that weave the tapestries of our lives are amazing aren't they?  As the years have gone by, I understand the importance even more of having good need them for the laughter as well as the tears.  That is one thing that my parents taught me.......the value of good friends, I am forever grateful for that.  I remember my parents friends  coming to visit, drinking coffee, eating cake, hearing their laughter.......and thinking, that is what I want when I grow up.......good friends spending time together, sharing meals.

I have had the good fortune of spending time with, and hearing from good friends today......and because of that, I feel better, I feel stronger tonight.......I feel loved.  I hope that during this holiday season that you all spend time with friends, that you share laughter and maybe a few tears.....but  most of all......I hope you feel loved.

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  1. Hi Jilda, your post is very uplifting. Of course the world is still going around as usual just like I knew it would.
    Friends are like priceless treasures and I found that out when I was very sick.

    Today on my way to the farm, I met my next door neighbour and I asked her if she was spending Christmas with family and she said no, she would be all alone this year. Of course, I invited her to Christmas dinner at our house. The details have not been worked out yet but she will not be alone for Christmas dinner.
    Working 7 days a week with caring for the animals at our dairy farm twice a day cuts in on our social life at home. My family will not be here either for Christmas but I bought a small turkey anyway.

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with Rick by your side.