Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Charlie Brown Tree

Jordan and his mom have had the flu this was his first day without fever, so to celebrate we did his
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  It is a tradition that I did with his mom, Samantha when she was his age.

We walked through the woods behind the barn, he could not decide on a tree.  They were so much bigger than him.....finally, we saw this one and he liked it.
We had made the ornaments in early fall, out of playdough.
The string of lights wrapped around the little sapling several times........we think it is the perfect Charlie Brown tree.  He was so excited about his ornaments......I have to admit I thought they were beautiful too.

We mixed all colors of play dough, rolled it out, cut it with Christmas cookie cutters......stars, trees, bells......all tied with gold and silver ribbons.  Even though it has been in the 70's today, the Christmas spirit visited.
There is nothing like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and a four year old boy!  What a great day!


  1. That sweet face just radiates the spirit of the season! What a fun tradition. Those ornaments are great!