Friday, December 14, 2012

Peace and Love to All

My nephew James Phillips is editor of the Daily Mt. Eagle in Jasper, Al.  He has four children under the age of nine.  These are his words that he posted on FB today.........I am very proud of him.

Today is not a day to bash people over the head with religion and shove God in their face. 
Today is not a day to try to use a terrible tragedy to disprove the existence of God.
Today is not a day to get on political soapboxes, discussing gun control laws and mental health issues.
Today IS a day to mourn.
Today IS a day to grab your children and give them a hug and a kiss, because it could be your last chance.
Today IS a day to think about those who have suffered terrible loss.
Today IS a day to LOVE!

I think his words pretty much sum up my feelings about today.
Sending blessings of peace and love to each and every one.


  1. Very well said.
    Peace and Love to you as well.

  2. Expresses how I feel so well. Such a sad time.

  3. So true Jilda, so true!! My son who is a teacher called to say that he picked his son up early from pre-school today and just had to hug him! He said that he HAD to take him home to play with him because of it all. He's a terrific dad anyway but this tragedy is so painful that I think everyone appreciates their loved ones a little more today. So sad....